Pennsylvania Social Security Disability Applicants Feel the Effects of the Economy

No one expects to suffer a disability, but when they do it can be a comfort to know that benefits are available through the Social Security Administration. If an individual is unable to work because of a medical disability that is expected to last no less than 12 months, he or she, and sometimes certain family members, may qualify for disability income. However, applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be a lengthy, difficult, and sometimes frustrating process.3192341451_c79179e0c1

In order for an individual to receive disability benefits, he or she must complete the application process. Additionally, Social Security requires that applicants prove they cannot do any work of any kind. As a result of this requirement, many individuals are denied and must take the next step: a hearing in front of a judge. But according to a chart from the Social Security Administration, as an example of the timeframe for those filing in Pennsylvania, it can take approximately 437 days to schedule a hearing in the Wilkes-Barre office.

This extensive processing time is a result of the growing population, including the baby boomer generation who has become sick or disabled. As the Social Security Administration wrangles with the extensive list of individuals applying for benefits, requests for its services are further increased as a result of the economy. In an article on, Social Security Deputy Commissioner David Foster commented on the increase in requests. “We expect those numbers to go up very much in the next few years because of the recession,” said Foster. He continued, “There’s usually a correlation between the unemployment rate and then the amount of disability claims that we have.”

As the economy struggles to recover, it is more important than ever for those applying for Social Security Disability or Social Security Income to consult an experienced lawyer as soon as a disability occurs. Social Security lawyers are well-versed and experienced in every aspect of the claim process. In addition, laws and regulations may have limits for action; an individual can lose his or her rights by waiting. A lawyer can help by preparing and filing the appropriate appeal paperwork and other required forms, as well as compiling all the medical evidence and presenting testimony at the appeal hearing.

If you have questions regarding a Social Security disability claim or appeal, please email or call one of our experienced Pennsylvania Social Security lawyers at O’Connor Law to schedule an initial consultation.

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