The Application Process

The first step to receiving Social Security Disability benefits is to complete an application. It will indicate whether or not your disability is applicable with the Social Security Administration’s Blue book. Once the SSA determines if your case qualifies you for disability benefits, you can potentially receive compensation based on how your disability affects normal functions, such as working. The application will require an individual to provide sufficient evidence to the SSA about their disability and how it restricts them from working and preforming daily functions.

It is recommended for a person to file for Social Security Disability (SSD) as soon as their disablement is diagnosed by a medical professional. People can apply by either completing an application online or calling Social Security directly to schedule a phone consultation. If you are eligible, there is a 5-month waiting period in order for the SSA to decide if your disability allows you to receive compensation. Once you are approved for benefits, disability benefits will not start until the disability has occurred for six full months. This process will help to prove that a person’s disablement restricts them from functioning normally and that it is not a short-term disability.

When completing the Social Security Disability application, the SSA requires that the person provides sufficient and adequate information in order to increase their chance at receiving benefits. As listed on the Social Security Administration’s website, the applicant must provide their Social Security number, proof of their age, contact information, such as names, addresses, and phone numbers, the dates that they received treatment from medical officials, names and prescriptions of current and past medications, verified medical records, laboratory and test results, a summary of their work history, and their recent W-2 form or a copy of their federal tax return. If someone is applying for Social Security Disability benefits for a family member, they will need to provide the Social Security numbers and proof of their ages for each person. The SSA will also need proof of current and prior marriages, if the person is applicable to this situation. Providing all the necessary information and documentation will ensure that applicants have the greatest potential to be approved for Social Security Disability benefits.

In some occasions, it is possible for Social Security to deny an application. In response to this decision, applicants can decide to request the SSA to review their information again or file for an appeal on the denied application. When people receive a denied claim, the form will indicate how the person can request an appeal, including the amount of time in which the appeal must be filed. If this process is denied by the SSA repeatedly, the applicant may be recommended to apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Once applications are denied by the SSA, people with a certified disability should seek assistance from licensed legal attorneys to receive their rightful compensation. For some people, their disability has caused them to be unable to find and maintain a stable job. In this situation, they are entitled to rightfully receive their full Social Security Disability benefits. At O’Connor Law, we understand the difficulty that individuals can face when applying for benefits, especially if they are denied. If you believe to have received an incorrect denied claim, please contact our law firm to talk to our staff of Social Security Disability attorneys for more information about your case.

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