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Dangers with Enfamil Baby Formula

In addition to other manufacturers, a popular baby formula brand, Enfamil, has been negatively highlighted in recent news. Enfamil is a popular company for baby products, including formulas, vitamins, and supplements. However, Enfamil’s baby formula has been connected to product liability. It has been reported and documented that baby formulas from certain manufacturers have caused babies to develop necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), which is a devastating bacterial disease.

Researchers and medical professionals have concluded that the ingredient of cow’s milk could be the source of issues. Cow’s milk is not recommended for babies that are born prematurely because it can lead to problems with development and maturity. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 15 million babies are born prematurely each year. It is important for medical professionals and new parents to understand the harmful effects of using inappropriate baby formulas. Correct baby formula ingredients will help babies receive the right nutrients and vitamins to help them grow and thrive. Since formulas have specific ingredients for babies, understanding the difference will help to save the lives of babies each day.

As explained by the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, NEC affects the intestine of premature infants, where inflammation and infections can occur as a result, which may cause the wall of the bowel to become destroyed. Without the wall, the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles claims that spillage of stool can enter the abdomen and cause devastating infections or death in severe cases. Unfortunately, NEC impacts 7,000 infants born each year and is the top cause of infant deaths in the United States, as stated by the Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Reported cases have claimed that babies experienced harmful impacts after consuming certain brands of baby formula. Symptoms of NEC can vary, but the Cleveland Clinic states that symptoms generally include abdominal pain and swelling, unusual vomiting, tiredness, and a loss of appetite. After an official and early diagnosis of NEC, treatment can begin to treat the disease. Treatment generally includes changing baby formulas and monitoring results, as well as x-rays to ensure that the intestine and abdomen are functioning normally. There is a chance that premature babies may face death as a result of NEC. Therefore, it is important to determine which baby formula would be best for each baby, as well as monitoring to make sure their vitals are normal.

Necrotizing enterocolitis is a very serious disease that affects many newborn and premature babies. Learning the causes and how to identify NEC can be vital to saving a child’s life. If your baby has received negative impacts as a result of Enfamil baby formula or other brands of baby formula, it is recommended to contact a product liability attorney. People may be able to receive compensation as a result of defective and dangerous products. O’Connor Law’s product liability attorneys will be able to guide you through your case and provide knowledgeable legal advice. Contact our office at 800-518-4LAW to speak with an experienced attorney to discuss your case.

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