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Motor Vehicle Accidents

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No one expects to be involved in an auto accident; unfortunately, people may find themselves to be in that type of situation. Ranging from a tapped bumper to a flipped vehicle, it is wise to seek professional help from a trusted law firm when associated with an auto accident. With over three decades of certified experience, O’Connor Law specializes in multiple types of auto accidents. Trained to practice in car, motorcycle, and tractor trailer accidents, O’Connor Law is a name to trust when deciding to contact professional help.

Car accidents are common in the United States; over 1 million people die each year as a result of car accidents. Sadly, accidents can occur at any time, including when most people do not expect it. No matter how prepared people can be for an accident, it can happen at a moment’s notice. In severe cases, individuals can become paralyzed or disabled from a car accident. This is a very serious topic that our staff has particularly trained for. When someone is involved in an accident, they may not be able to carry the case by themselves. Having a team of accomplished attorneys can help you receive the benefits and financial support that you deserve.

Motorcycle accidents can occur as a result of multiple factors. Regrettably, one of the most common ways that motorcycle riders can get in an accident is because of another inattentive motorist coming into their lane. Inexperience may be another reason why accidents transpire. To some people, it is very difficult to ride a motorcycle compared to a car, especially when motorists are newly licensed. Inexperience combined with other factors, such as negligence and inattentiveness, can cause detrimental outcomes.

Tractor trailers are very popular to see along Pennsylvania’s interstates and highways. Most people do not realize how difficult it is to operate a tractor trailer. Ranging on the type and model, tractor trailers can weight tens of thousands of pounds when they are loaded. Driving at high speeds, the risk of an accident steadily increases. However, the risk does not only concern the truck driver, but also the traffic surrounding the truck.

Accidents can occur due to a variety of catalysts. Negligent drivers are people who do not consider their safety or the safety of others. Consequently, they can fail to follow traffic laws and put other motorists in jeopardy of an accident. Distracted driving is another serious offense. Formally defined, distracted driving involves anything that takes the driver’s attention away from the road, including manual, visual, or cognitive distractions. Other common causes for accidents include losing control of the wheel, harmful weather conditions, drunk driving, unfamiliarity to roadways, and speeding.

O’Connor Law has built a strong reputation in our auto accident practice area. We ensure that our clients are granted the benefits that they deserve. Auto accidents include very specific and potentially problematic issues that are often difficult to take care of individually. We believe that no one should be left alone during this hard time. Opening a case with us will relieve some of your worries in order to allow you to focus on recovering from the accident. If you know someone or personally have been involved in a car, motorcycle, or tractor trailer accident, please do not hesitate to call our office. Our expert team of staff is ready to answer your calls today and help you open a case.

It is wise to be informed if you happen to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. On our website, we have pages dedicated specifically to inform readers about auto accidents. For more information about motor vehicle accidents or to talk to one of our trusted motor vehicle accident attorneys, visit our website or call us toll free at 888-939-0247.

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The services I received were exceptional. Robyn J.
I don't think there is need for improvement. My cases were handled with such care and consideration I would bring any case here. Angela S.
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