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Short-Term Disability Insurance

At O’Connor Law, our staff of short-term disability attorneys have years of experience with disability claims, benefits, and insurances. One disability benefit program includes short-term disability insurance.

What is Short-Term Disability?

Short-term disability insurance is an insurance plan that people are able to purchase or receive individually or through their work or union. The insurance provides coverage for participants who have a condition that restricts them from working. Typically, it is predicted that short-term disability insurance provides coverage for 3 to 6 months, but this is determined by the policy you sign up for.

Short-term disability insurance provides benefit payments to workers who suffer injuries or illnesses that are expected to last a few months. The Council for Disability Awareness states that 5.6 percent of Americans will sustain a short-term disability due to the most common conditions, such as pregnancies, musculoskeletal disorders, digestive disorders, mental health issues, and injuries, such as fractures, sprains, and strains.

The amount of time that people can receive short-term disability insurance is approximately 3 to 6 months. Depending on the policy that a worker has for their disability insurance, the time frame can vary. Participants are able to receive benefits from short-term disability insurance within the first few weeks that the injury occurs. If an injury is predicted to last longer than 6 months, workers can apply for long-term disability insurance if they have that type of coverage as well.

Short-term disability insurance does not have specific requirements for defining a disablement. Typically, people will be able to receive this insurance if they are unable to work. Short-term disability insurance covers only injuries or illnesses that are unrelated to work. If an employee is injured while working, they will be able receive Workers’ Compensation. If you are having trouble receiving benefits from short-term disability insurance, please call our office to talk to one of our Short-Term Disability attorneys.

As previously mentioned, short-term disability insurance can be purchased by participants or provided to employees through a company. If a company does choose to offer disability insurance, they have the opportunity to self-administer the benefits or cooperate with an insurance business. The insurance program can also pay a certain percentage of a worker’s wages. The Guardian estimates that short-term disability insurance can generally provide coverage up to 70 percent of wages to employees who are unable to work.

The application process to receive short-term disability insurance can be stressful, especially when filing through work. First, employees must have the essential documentation that verifies their disablement or impairment by a medical professional. Then, they will be able to visit their company’s Human Resources department to file a claim, or they can file through their union or with their private insurance company. Claims are also available to be completed online in most cases.

Workers will not be able to receive short-term disability insurance if they were not previously enrolled in the program. Once an injury occurs, employees are not able to apply for the disability insurance. If an injury that is unrelated to work occurs, enrolled participants will be able to file a claim to receive benefits. If a worker does not have the sufficient medical evidence to provide proof of their injury, our team of Short-Term Disability attorneys at O’Connor Law will be able to help.

As mentioned previously, there are two insurance disability programs: short-term and long-term. Both programs are able to be used in conjunction with each other. If a worker sustains injury, they will be able to receive short-term disability quickly. Workers can receive short-term disability insurance and eventually receive long-term disability insurance if their injury persists after 3 to 6 months.

At O’Connor Law, we help people who are unable to work as a result of their disability or injury. If you are applying for short-term disability insurance or not are receiving your rightful benefits, please call our office to receive a free consultation with one of our Social Security Disability attorneys.

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