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Social Security Disability In New Jersey

If you are unable or struggle to find work, it can be an immense mental and financial burden; If the difficulty finding work stems from a mental or physical impairment, you may be eligible to file for social security disability. The social security system can be confusing and difficult to navigate. If you think you may qualify for social security disability, and want to know more, you should contact a New Jersey Social Security Disability Lawyer immediately. The experienced, dedicated attorneys at O’Connor Law are awaiting your call. O’Connor Law offers an array of qualified, hard-working attorneys who are ready and willing to help YOU get the benefits you deserve. Do you think you qualify? Don’t wait another second… call us at 1-800-518-4LAW (1-800-518-4529).

How Can I Pay For An Attorney?

Everyone knows you pay for quality, unless you’re paying for a New Jersey Social Security Disability Lawyer. Thanks to the Social Security System, even the best representation, such as the attorneys at O’Connor Law, DO NOT CHARGE AN HOURLY FEE OR RETAINER! You will never pay out of pocket once for the services of a New Jersey Social Security Disability Attorney at O’Connor Law. So, how do we get paid? It seems too good to be true, but it’s how the system functions to protect you! Social Security Disability Attorneys work strictly on a contingency basis. What does contingency basis mean? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. If we are successful at obtaining benefits for you, and those benefits include back pay, which you are owed for being disabled in the past before you started receiving checks, we are paid a portion of that back pay. In fact, the system even puts a cap on how much we can make! You NEVER pay out of pocket, NEVER have any hidden fees, and NEVER have to worry about any future benefits being taken. And the best part… if we aren’t successful in obtaining benefits for you, or do obtain benefits for you that do not include back pay, you don’t pay us a dime!

How Long Does A Social Security Case Take?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by clients and prospective clients alike. The answer, unfortunately, is not simple. In some rare cases if you have a good New Jersey Social Security Lawyer filing your application, initial applications for social security are successful, which means it should only take a few months from when you begin the process until you receive your first Social Security check. Most cases don’t result in initial application success, which means we’ll have to file for reconsideration, a hearing, an appeal, and possibly more. If your initial application is denied, it’s extremely difficult to accurately predict a timeline for your process. Difficulties like these are exactly why it’s so important to consult an experienced Social Security Attorney before starting the process.

Should I File My Initial Application Myself?

We strongly suggest consulting an experienced New Jersey Social Security Lawyer before doing anything in the Social Security process, because it can be so complicated and includes deadlines and other qualifiers most people are unaware of. At O’Connor Law, we would be more than happy to handle your initial application, as well as any steps that may need to be done following the it. Hiring an attorney actually increases your chances of being successful during the initial application stage, however, most individuals who file an initial application are unsuccessful.

Can I Still Hire A Social Security Disability Lawyer After I Filed My Initial Application?

Yes, absolutely. You could and should hire a New Jersey Social Security Lawyer if your initial application is denied. This is probably the most difficult stage for individuals without representation to navigate. Following an initial application denial, you will need to gather medical evidence, work history information, treatments for conditions, and possibly more, which will then be submitted to a judge prior to your Social Security hearing. O’Connor Law attorneys also like to review the questions we think are likely to be asked by a judge at your hearing with you, so that you have a strong understanding of their context and what the system is looking for prior to making their decision on your claim.

Will My Social Security Disability Claim Get Approved?

This is a question we are asked by almost every client and potential client. Unfortunately, it’s another difficult question to answer, because of the varying factors in each case. We certainly feel strongly that every client of ours could and should be able to collect Social Security Disability; We would not have you as a client if we felt differently. However, judges determine claimants’ qualifications using a 5-step process. Ultimately, it is up to the judge’s discretion, but in order to have him side with you, you’ll need to prove you have enough work credits to qualify, you have not or will not be able to work for at least 12 months, and that in accordance with your age bracket, you qualify as “disabled” under Social Security Laws. Because of the ambiguity involved in the process, these complex decisions are extremely difficult to predict.

Do I Qualify For Disability Under A Social Security Listing?

Social Security listings are specific conditions that can qualify you for Social Security Disability, if you meet the exact requirements mentioned in the listing. These are extremely specific conditions, symptoms, and limitations. Many listings require unique tests to be performed and detailed analysis to be documented by your doctor. These elaborate procedures can cause obstacles for those seeking Social Security Disability. Many tests required are expensive, and are often overlooked by doctors. In some cases, doctors can order proper testing, a client can afford it, and it still can’t be used, because the doctor’s analysis isn’t detailed enough in regards to the specific issue pertaining to the Social Security listing. The best way to handle this opportunity is to contact a New Jersey Social Security Attorney and explain your situation in great detail. If you think you may qualify under a Social Security listing, call us now at 1-800-518-4LAW. An expert attorney is awaiting your call and can answer any and all questions you may have about this tricky process.

How Do They Determine My Ability To Work?

When evaluating your ability to work, in accordance with the 4th and 5th steps, the judge will request the services of a “vocational expert.” This individual knows about job availability in the current labor market and the skills needed to perform given jobs. Vocational experts appear at all Social Security Disability hearings, and may appear in person, over the phone, or by video conference. Their role is to give their opinion on hypothetical scenarios asked by the judge, which revolve around the claimant. Often, the judge’s hypotheticals will range from best to worst case scenario. In response, the vocational expert will give their opinion on whether someone with the Claimant’s limitations would be able to contribute to the economy and do full time work. If the judge ultimately rules that the claimant cannot contribute to the economy in any realistic capacity, they will qualify for disability, in accordance with the 4th and 5th steps. Of course, each claimant, judge, and hearing is different and the results may vary, which accentuates the need to hire a skilled, dedicated Social Security Disability attorney.

Hiring The Right Social Security Disability Attorney In New Jersey

If you are thinking about applying for Social Security Disability, you should begin to research attorneys and ensure you are hiring a dedicated, experienced attorney, who is fighting to get you the benefits you deserve. Call O’Connor Law now for more details on quality representation. There are NO out-of-pocket costs, NO costs if you do not receive benefits, and genuinely higher chances of success in your case with an O’Connor Law attorney. Our staff is awaiting your call NOW! We offer FREE consultations and will begin your filing process immediately. We understand how difficult life can get when you’re unable to work and we want to help get you the compensation you deserve. We have so many ways to get started: fill out a contact form, start a live chat on our website (, or call us NOW at 1-800-518-4LAW (1-800-518-4529). Let Our Family Fight For Yours!

Client Reviews
No improvements needed. Everyone was very friendly & helpful. Christine F.
I only talked to Anna she was super!! I don't see anything you can do to make it better or easier. I feel bad it took me long to pay you. I never thought I would get approved in five months. I loved what you all did for me. Sandra S.
The services I received were exceptional. Robyn J.
I don't think there is need for improvement. My cases were handled with such care and consideration I would bring any case here. Angela S.
Would you recommend our services to others? Yes, I was so pleased, and so thankful for everything. Any additional comments... none, you are awesome, thank you again. Jamie B.