Staff of Michael J. O'Connor & Associates Explores the Lofty Tunnel

On Sept. 26, the staff and attorneys of Michael J. O'Connor & Associated laced up their hiking boots for an exploration of the Lofty Tunnel, just outside of McAdoo.

The Lofty Tunnel was one of 7 tunnels in the Reading Railroad system. At 1,100 feet long, it was completed in 1854 by the Catawissa Railroad, which later became the Reading Railroad Company. The tunnel was abandoned and the tracks removed in the late 1970s when the formation of Conrail made the Catawissa Branch obsolete.

In addition to exploring the tunnel, staff members visited a greenhouse complex that grew over 700,000 mums this summer, using the power of the local Cogeneration plant.

Together, the staff and attorneys enjoyed a day outside of the office to take in the changing color of the leaves on a beautiful fall day in Pennsylvania.