Top Ten Mistakes an Injured Worker Makes With Regard to Medical Treatment

10. Paying for prescriptions out of pocket, rather than submitting the bills to the Workers Compensation Insurance Carrier.

9. Submitting bills for the work injury to private insurance rather the Workers' Compensation Insurance Carrier.

8. Not telling their doctor about any pre-existing conditions.

7. Focusing only on their major symptoms and not relating all symptoms to their doctor.

6. Not following their doctor's work restrictions.

5. Not giving their doctor a thorough history of how the work injury happened.

4. Not treating with the panel physician for the first 90 days following a work injury.

3. Continuing to treat with the company doctor after the 90 day period has ended.

2. Not seeking immediate medical treatment following a work injury.

1. Not seeking legal advice from Michael J. O'Connor & Associates with regard to their medical benefits under the workers' compensation act.

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