Top Ten Traps Set by the Insurance Company and/or Employer

10. Sending the injured worker a blank medical authorization to sign.

9. Requiring an injured worker to sign a final receipt as a condition to receiving his/her paycheck after the worker has returned to work.

8. Offering a light duty job during an undesirable shift or in an undesirable location.

7. Forcing an injured worker to accept a position that will cause the worker to lose union benefits.

6. Mailing a job offer letter out after the date to apply has passed.

5. Surveillance. Surveillance. And more Surveillance.

4. Forcing an injured worker to do work outside of his/her medical restrictions.

3. Rehab Nurse and Adjustor pretending that they are the injured workers' friend.

2. Employer telling the injured worker there is no need to report his/her injury.

1. Telling an injured worker that he/she does not need a lawyer.

The insurance company stopped paying my bills, what should I do? 

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