Top Ten Traps the Insurance Company Sets for an Injured Worker

10. Editing video tapes to remove time that documents the injured worker in a favorable light.

9. Using coworkers to "spy" on the injured worker.

8. The Rehab Nurse pretends to be the injured workers' friend and advisor.

7. The Vocational Expert offers to come to the injured workers' house for the vocational interview.

6. The Insurance Company forcing an injured worker to sign an overreaching medical authorization as a condition to receiving his/her wage loss check.

5. The Rehab Nurse insists to being present during the medical examination.

4. The Vocational Expert questions the injured worker about personal issues not related to education or employment experience.

3. The Private Investigator poses as a stranded motorist asking for help changing a flat tire.

2. Having a package delivered with a weight outside of the injured workers' restrictions and filming the worker lift the package.

1. The Insurance Company tells the injured worker he/she does not need to hire a lawyer.

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