Wills, Estates & Elder Law

Michael J. O'Connor & Associates understands the loss family members feel when a loved one has passed away. Administering an estate can be time consuming and cumbersome with preparing and filing the necessary documentation within the required deadlines. Let our wills, estates & elder law attorneys take that burden from you and provide the necessary legal representation for the estate, including: probate, preparing an inventory, monitoring receipts and disbursements of the estate, completing Pennsylvania Tax Returns, and filing court accountings or negotiating family settlement agreements.

In addition, Michael J. O'Connor & Associates understands the hardship and distress many elderly clients face at the prospect of estate planning and requiring nursing home care. Estate planning is one process that no one should ignore, however, most individuals spend more time planning a family vacation than planning their financial future. Our goal is to give our clients peace of mind in their golden years. Our elder law attorneys assist clients in meeting the eligibility requirements for Medicaid. Through a process of gifting and exempt expenditures, we strive to preserve our clients assets from welfare liens. We can prepare any of the following documents: Wills to ensure that our clients' wishes with regard to distribution of assets solely in their name are respected, durable power of attorneys to provide for our clients in the event of incapacity, and health care power of attorneys to ensure that our clients' wishes with regard to medical treatment are respected.

The wills, estates and elder law attorney team at Michael J. O'Connor & Associates is ready to begin tackling your legal problem today. Email or call our toll free number at 1.800.518.4LAW for a free initial consultation and review of your case.