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Blind Spots on Tractor-Trailers

This scene has happened to all licensed drivers. It involves waiting in traffic directly behind a tractor-trailer. The back of the rig might have many signs on its back door. One of them might read, “If you can’t see my side mirrors, then I can’t see you. Please keep a safe distance behind the vehicle.” It is important for drivers of motor vehicles to heed this advice. A car, SUV, or small truck does not stand a chance if it gets in a wreck with one of these big rigs.

A tractor-trailer takes up a lot of room on a road. It does not matter if it is on an interstate highway, a local state roadway, or the main or back streets of a town. The cab and rig together have 18 wheels. The tractor-trailer driver cannot see what is directly behind him since the rig he is carrying blocks his view. He only has his two side mirrors to see what is coming on either side. There are blind spots on the tractor-trailer’s sides where a driver cannot see who is next to them. It is important to know that is not wise for an every-day driver of a car to spend a lot of time riding side by side with a tractor-trailer. Passing a rig out should be done in an orderly fashion.

If the truck needs to make a sudden lane change because of a hazard in the road in front of it you may be run off the road if your car is in the tractor-trailer’s blind spot.

Being a tractor trailer driver requires responsibility. Like any other licensed driver, they are required to maintain control of their rig at all times. They must obey traffic laws and not be intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. If a tractor-trailer does not follow the rules, people can be injured or killed because of those mistakes. If you have been a victim of an accident involving a tractor-trailer or any commercial vehicle such as a box truck, bus, van or small truck, the attorneys of the Law Offices of O’Connor Law are ready to help. Personal injury cases are among the firms specialties. Our associates know that if you are in an accident, you should not have to worry about haggling with insurance companies and other possible legal ramifications.

We have the experienced advocates who can deal effectively with insurance adjusters and make sure you have access to needed medical treatment.  Based on the type of injuries sustained, individuals may not be able to return to work in cases that involve a permanent disability. The companies that employ tractor-trailer drivers also have legal representation. It is in their best interests to save those companies as much liability as possible.

It is not wise to face that kind of situation alone. Our firm has over 30 years of experience serving the residents of Pennsylvania in 15 offices. Other services provided by our firm include social security disability, nursing home abuse, and other areas of practice. Call us toll free at 800-518-4LAW for a free consultation, or fill out our contact form to the right and we will contact you as soon as possible. Let us fight for your rights.

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