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Failure to Yield

Many people are killed in car crashes every day in the United States. While there are many different causes for car crashes, failure to yield is one of the most dangerous driving mistakes that drivers make while entering the road. When drivers do not give the right of way to the driver that has the legal right to go first, people often sustain serious injuries and even lose their lives due to this simple driving mistake.

Earlier this year, a woman was killed in Bradford County, Pennsylvania when a man failed to yield to oncoming traffic while attempting to make a left-hand turn. The two cars collided head on causing the death of the woman and serious injuries to the man. This type of crash is very common in the United States and people are injured all too frequently from this type of crash.

Every driver should know when to give the right of way and to yield to other drivers while they are driving on the road. Drivers should yield and give people the right of way at all of the following:

  • A yield sign
  • Pedestrians in a crosswalk
  • Persons using a seeing eye guide dog
  • Persons using a white cane with or without a red tip
  • Uncontrolled intersections where vehicles are already in the intersection
  • At “T” intersections where you must yield to vehicles on the through road
  • When turning left in which case you must yield to oncoming pedestrians, cars, etc.
  • When driving on an unpaved road that intersects with a paved road
  • When returning to the roadway after the car is parked.

There are many consequences when drivers disobey the law to yield or give the right of way to other people. According to, individuals who are found guilty of this violation can expect to pay a fine of no less than $100, and it could be as high as $500. For second and third offenses, the fine can be even more, and individuals may spend time in jail.

Typically, the more serious the result of the failure to yield is, the higher the penalties and fines are. For instance, if a pedestrian is injured, the fines will normally be higher. There is also the chance the pedestrian could file a lawsuit. Individuals found guilty of failure to yield to the right of way of a pedestrian in a crosswalk can expect to have at least 2 demerit points placed on their driving record.

No one should have to see their loved one become injured in a car crash under these circumstances. At O’Connor Law, we want everyone to be aware of the dangerous driving mistake of failure to yield, and the serious consequences that can result.

Our law firm has dealt with many cases involving deadly car crashes in the past and we want to give the victims of these accidents the support that they deserve. You should call us for a free case review if you have been involved in crashes such as this. We are here to fight for and protect your rights.

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