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How to Prevent Auto Accidents in Construction Zones

O’Connor Law understands that auto accidents can cause many complications for all people involved. Construction zones can also potentially cause auto accidents. Depending on the construction, active work zones could include large machines, lane detours, and lane drop-offs. If traffic is unable to react to road work changes, auto accidents in construction zones may occur. Please read the following information about auto accidents in construction zones. If you have been injured in an accident in a construction zone, you should call our experienced attorneys for a free consultation.

The Federal Highway Administration has concluded that there were 762 work zone crashes in 2019. Unfortunately, this statistic continues to gradually increase. In order to raise awareness and information to prevent work zone crashes, it is important to understand how to prevent auto accidents in construction zones.

Construction zones can also be potentially dangerous to all drivers and motorists. There could be various road conditions that could affect driving. Loose gravel and other debris, road signs, and traffic barriers are important factors that drivers must look out for. There may also be a quick transition to merge lanes or respond to traffic changes.

Rear-end auto accidents are one type of accidents that can occur while in construction zones. In some work zones, cars are required to merge into one lane. The lane will become congested and cars may start to tailgate. This action decreases the amount of reaction time that motorists will have.

Reduce Speeds

It is important to reduce speeds while driving. This also helps drivers to become more alert and cautious of their surroundings. People will be able to see incoming cars and react to their speed. Slower speeds help to make roads safer for other motorists and construction workers.

Eliminate Distractions While Driving

Any type of distracted driving is dangerous. One of the most common distractions include cell phones. In all driving scenarios, drivers should not text while driving. It is important for all people on the road for motorists to eliminate distractions while driving. Distractions also include electronics and other passengers in the car.

Keep a Safe Distance Between Vehicles

Although it is recommended to keep distance between cars in general, it is especially important in construction zones. For example, if a vehicle were to suddenly stop, the cars succeeding should have time to react. It is recommended to maintain a distance of at least three car lengths between vehicles.

Adhere to Road Signs and Construction Crew

There will be signs or flaggers that also indicate an active work zone. In certain occasions, workers may work in the roadway. Therefore, it is important for motorists to watch for signs that will alert them of active working zones.

There are certain laws in Pennsylvania that protect construction workers in working zones. It is illegal to drive over the posted speed limit, however driving more than 11 miles per hour over the speed limit, or causing an accident in a work zone, leads to severely increased penalties, including a 15-day automatic license suspension.

Although drivers do not anticipate being involved in an auto accident, it is important to know what to do when one occurs. If individuals were injured in an auto accident, they should seek medical attention immediately. It is also encouraged to hire an attorney. Attorneys will be able to provide legal advice and guidance regarding important actions, such as signing forms and filing a claim.

At O’Connor Law, we have a professional team of attorneys that specialize in personal injury cases. Auto accidents can cause serious injuries to any drivers or passengers. Personal injury attorneys will be able to provide support and assistance to clients regarding their cases. If you have been involved in an auto accident and are looking to file a claim, please contact our office to receive professional legal advice from one of our personal injury attorneys.

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