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Motorcycle Protective Eye Gear

Much like Pennsylvania’s helmet law, the law regarding riders of motorcycles and their passengers wearing protective eye gear are optional. What exactly is protective eye gear? Some bikes have protective windshields, but not all cyclists want to attach that to their brand of motorcycle since it just does not look right on some bikes. Some riders may also refuse, as an option, not to wear protective eye gear, such as wrap around goggles with dark black lenses.

The current law on the subject reads as follows:

Nobody should drive a motorcycle unless he or she is wearing protective headgear, which complies with standards set by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Nobody should drive or be a passenger on a motorcycle unless he or she is wearing an approved eye-protective device.

The exceptions include a driver or passenger of a three-wheeled motorcycle that has an enclosed cab; any driver who is 21 years of age or older who has possessed a license to operate a bike for not less than two full calendar years, and who has completed a state approved motorcycle rider safety course. The law also exempts any passenger 21 years old and above.

Cyclists might choose to wear protective clothing such as jackets, made of Kevlar, leather or nylon. There are also special gloves, boots and pants that riders might wear. Law in any state does not require the items. The roadway, however, can present many potential hazards.

Riders are under constant risk of being struck by flying debris such as rocks or dust. Bugs can stick in your eye temporarily blinding you and causing you to lose control. And what about being caught in a sudden rain storm or if the winds stir up to a point where it is throwing your bike around the roadway?

A rider wearing goggles can at least keep flying objects from obstructing their vision of the roadway, allowing them to maintain better control during situations that may arise while riding.

One major report's findings on motorcycle accidents show that the wearing of appropriate gear, specifically, helmets and durable garment, mitigates crash injuries substantially. According to current state law, that is for the most part the option of the driver and passenger.

Before taking to the roadway, consult with the attorneys of O’Connor Law for proper ways to deal with eventual accidents and the risk of injury to yourself and others involved. Some insurance companies might require cyclists to take the above safety precautions as a part of their policy. If you are in an accident, it is not wise to deal with insurance companies by yourself.

Our firm employs experts who can effectively deal with insurance companies and investigators to reconstruct the scene of an accident. Motorcycle crashes can result in long-term injury that requires hospitalization and missed time at work, resulting in lost wages to go along with pain and suffering.

We can help you with all of these legal issues. Let us fight for your rights.

By Michael O'Connor

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