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Loss of Limb Injuries

Few injuries are more devastating and life altering than losing a limb. You have lived your entire life using a body part for work and daily activities and in an instant it's gone and your life is changed forever. It forces the victim to adjust how they do just about every aspect of their life.

It is not only the loss of the limb that can be the source of problems for the victim. These injuries often require prosthetic limbs, which can be very costly. Amputation injuries are also at high risk for infection, which can further complicate the healing process. No amount of money can ever make up for losing a limb, but you are entitled to compensation when the injury is work-related.

Even if the limb is not actually gone but you lost the use of it for "all practical purposes", it is treated the same as an amputation. If there is dispute, the "loss of use" of a limb is a factual question that will be determined by a Workers Compensation Judge.

Section 306(c) of the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act maintains a schedule that indicates compensation for the permanent loss or the loss of use of certain limbs or functions of the body. These benefits are "specific loss benefits". When a worker has suffered the loss of a body part, they may be eligible to receive compensation stated in the specific loss provision of the Act, in addition to other benefits. Further, employees are also entitled to continue to return to their work while continuing to receive their specific loss benefits.

The compensation you receive for the loss of limb depends on what part of your body was lost in the work injury. For example, the loss of an arm or a leg is compensated by 410 weeks of disability benefits. The loss of foot is 250 weeks.

The predetermined amount of weeks for the injury to certain body parts

  • Leg - 410 weeks
  • Arm - 410 weeks
  • Forearm - 370 weeks
  • Lower Leg - 350 weeks
  • Hand - 335 weeks
  • Eye - 275 weeks
  • Foot - 250 weeks
  • Thumb - 100 weeks
  • First Finger - 50 weeks
  • Second Finger - 40 weeks
  • Great Toe - 40 weeks
  • Third Finger - 30 weeks
  • Fourth (or Little) Finger - 28 weeks
  • Other Toes - 16 weeks
What you Should do if You a Lost a Limb at Work or Your Work Injury led to an Amputation of a Body Part?

If you suffer a debilitating injury such as a loss of limb, you want to receive the full compensation that you deserve. This is why you need an experienced workers' compensation lawyer at your side.

Our attorneys can help guide you through this difficult process so you don't have to go through it alone. They can also help alleviate much of the stress of a workers' compensation case by dealing with your employer, the insurance company, and other parties involved in the case.

If you have suffered a lost limb or an amputation because of a work injury, call O’Connor Law at 1-800-518-4529. Our Certified Workers' Compensation specialists can help you win your compensation and get your life back on track.

Even if your company or workers' compensation insurance carrier has denied your claim, we will do a free case review and let you know if we can help.

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