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What is Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)?

In workers’ compensation law, there is a term to be aware of called maximum medical improvement or MMI. To summarize, maximum medical improvement describes the point in which a medical doctor concludes that there is no possibility for further improvement in treatment for one’s injuries.

Medical doctors and professionals may indicate that a person has reached their maximum medical improvement based on the type and severity of the medical condition. Maximum medical improvement is typically decided after receiving all available and possible treatment options, such as surgery and physical therapy, and the injuries have not improved. This can potentially cause people to have long-lasting symptoms, pains, or a disability. If injuries are severe, the ability for people to work at their jobs can be impacted.

There are certain steps people can follow if they are deemed to reach maximum medical improvement. The procedure following maximum medical improvement can be different depending on the state people live in. In Pennsylvania, workers’ compensation benefits can continue to be collected even if a person has reached the maximum medical improvement of their injury or injuries. After receiving this diagnosis, people can contact their attorney for further information or instructions regarding their case. If a person’s case is currently open, attorneys may decide to settle the case if people receive an MMI diagnosis. This is because the injury is not improving, and workers’ compensation benefits will continue to be collected.

Alternatively, there is one exception. There is a possibility to be diagnosed with a disability based on injuries and if an injured worker received workers’ compensation benefits for a long period of time. If an injured worker has been receiving workers’ compensation benefits for 2 years, or about 104 weeks, the insurance company can provide the opportunity to have an impairment rating evaluation. The evaluation will be conducted by a doctor who is approved by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. The doctor will determine or confirm that the injured worker has reached the maximum medical improvement for injuries. The doctor will also refer to American Medical Association’s “Guidelines to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment” to determine the level or extent of impairment. Once the report is issued, the person will be considered partially disabled if it has been 60 days after or less from the 104 weeks of receiving workers’ compensation benefits, and the disability is less than 35% under the American Medical Association’s “Guidelines to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment”. It will set a maximum number of weeks for the claim at 500 weeks.

O’Connor Law has been practicing law since 1989. Since its establishment, the firm has created a professional and experienced workers’ compensation department. If you or someone you know is looking to open a workers’ compensation claim, it is recommended to talk with an attorney. If you have reached medical maximum improvement as prescribed by a medical doctor, a workers’ compensation attorney will be able to explain more information. Cases surrounding maximum medical improvement can vary. It is important to understand the process in receiving benefits and what to do once a person receives an MMI diagnosis. To speak with a workers’ compensation attorney at O’Connor Law, please call our office at any time at 800-518- 4LAW(529).

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