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Work Injury

You may think that a work injury would be something that is easy to explain and understand. In a lot of cases it is. If you work in a factory and a machine you work with breaks one of your fingers for example, that is a work injury. Other types of injuries are not so easy to understand.

For example:

If I am a delivery driver and get hit by another driver who runs through a red light, does that count as a work injury?

If I am doing a task that my boss asked me to do that is not a part of my normal work duties and I get hurt does that count as a work injury?

If I develop carpal tunnel as a result of what I do every day at work, is that a work injury?

The simple answer is yes. Although you should check with an attorney if your injury is serious, in these types of cases you would likely be covered by workers’ compensation.

What Happens When I am Injured at Work?

If a work injury occurs you can receive workers’ compensation payments while you are unable to work. What counts as a work injury?

  • An injury occurring from your duties on the job
  • An injury occurring as a result of your duties on the job
  • An injury occurring from something you were asked to do at work that is not a part of your normal duties

Other injuries and illnesses may count as well if they happened at your place of employment or may have had something to do with your job. If you are injured and are unsure whether it counts as a work injury or not, consult with a workers’ compensation attorney to find out.

What can I Receive Besides Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

You may know that you can receive workers’ compensation benefits for a work injury, but did you know that there may be other compensation that you could get?

For example, if you lost a limb or organ from the accident, you could receive Specific Loss Benefits.

Or if you were hurt by a vehicle or machine that is made and/or maintained by someone who is not your employer, you may have a third party case that could compensate you beyond your workers’ compensation benefits.

If you were hurt or became sick because of the chemicals or materials you work with, you may have a third party case against the manufacturer of the material that caused it.

An experienced compensation attorney will know what other types of benefits you could receive from your injury or illness. Look for experienced workers’ comp attorneys who have a record of success. This is one major reason why you should not trust your case to just any one. Alongside our two certified workers’ compensation specialists, we also have an experienced personal injury department that has worked closely with our workers’ compensation department for over 30 years to identify potential third party cases, meaning more money in your pocket if someone’s negligence caused you harm.

What Should I do if I was Hurt at Work?

Overall if you were hurt in a work injury you should consult with an attorney who will do a free case review to let you know what type of case you have and what you can do to recover from the injury. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you find out what your rights are and what you can do after a work injury to get your life back on track.

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