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Workers' Compensation and Unions

O’Connor Law has a team of experienced workers’ compensation attorneys that support injured workers in receiving their benefits, including union workers. For more than three decades, our firm has been fighting for injured workers in order for them to receive their full amount of benefits for their injury at work.

Unions are organizations that consist of workers to protect their working rights. In unions, workers are able to receive certain benefits that non-members might not eligible for. Union workers are also able to receive workers’ compensation benefits. However, workers’ compensation for unions workers has a few differences compared to workers not in unions. Union workers receive their specified compensation benefits through their union and employer.

As a union worker, people will be able to receive benefits if they are injured while working. Benefits include compensation for medical expenses, partial disability, partial and total disability benefits, and death benefits for surviving dependents. The amount of benefits that injured workers can receive depend on the severity of the injury and their ability to work. Workers’ compensation attorneys will be able to estimate the benefit programs that you might be able to receive.

Unions establish workers’ compensation rights through collective bargaining. The Congress of Industrial Organizations of the American Federation of Labor states that this process is a way for unions to negotiate contracts for their employers regarding benefits, working hours, pay, and health and safety policies. Generally, labor unions will determine workers’ compensation benefits based on state laws and the employer’s guidance.

Depending on the job, union workers are exposed to working with dangerous equipment and work environments. For example, construction employees are experienced workers that are exposed to dangerous working conditions, such as maintaining large equipment. When an accident occurs at work, it is important for workers to receive their compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation supports individuals who have been injured at work by supplying payments, such as for medical expenses and loss of wages. Having a workers’ compensation attorney at O’Connor Law will allow our clients to receive legal expertise and all the benefits that they are eligible to receive.

Unions may also have welfare funds that are available for members. In some cases, the welfare funds are able to provide additional benefits to injured workers. Depending on the union, workers can also pay money towards this fund to receive more benefits in other areas, such as paid time-off, healthcare, and insurances.

When union workers have been involved in a work accident and are injured, workers should complete multiple steps. Once the accident occurs, it is imperative to receive medical attention immediately. When filing for workers’ compensation benefits, a medical evaluation will be needed. Individuals should then document the accident and injuries. This information will be extremely important when filing a claim or providing evidence. The next step is to tell their employer of the accident. A delay in informing an employer may cause workers to become ineligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Since the filing process for claims can be very extensive and specific, it is recommended to hire a workers’ compensation attorney. At O’Connor Law, our attorneys can provide assistance and knowledge regarding this process.

Although union workers have the potential to receive more benefits than individuals who are not members, workers will need assistance in receiving their benefits from a work injury. At O’Connor Law, we want to ensure that our clients receive their rightful compensation. To talk to one of our workers’ compensation attorneys, please call our office at 800-518-4LAW for more information and to receive a free consultation and review of your case.

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